Storage locker rooms are located in each Tower’s sub-basement.  As there is not a locker for each unit, when none are available you have the option of being placed on a waiting list.  Resident owners will be given first priority on the waiting list.

For residents who need immediate storage, there are several nearby off-site storage facilities. Some that our residents have used are:

Philly Self Storage 215-468-1776, Pier 40 215-271-9010, and Mr. Storage 215-755-1955.

Please remember that we do not allow the storage of flammable or hazardous materials in the storage rooms.  Any objects stored in the aisles or on top of a locker will be discarded.

Locker sizes that are available are 3’x4’x6′ high, 6’x4’x6′ high, 8’x4’x6′ high and 7’x8’x6′ high.  Please specify your preference when requesting a locker.